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Buy or Lease portable solar generator trailers for commercial, residential and industrial use

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Solar Radiation - Light

Solar panels absorb the suns radiation converting to electrical energy & stored in batteries.

Battery Energy - DC Voltage

Standard battery voltage for 123eSolar generator is 48 volts DC.

DC/AC Optional

48 volt DC battery energy can be converted to 110 volt AC power with optional equipment.


123eSolar provides towable commercial solar trailer generators as a green alternative to diesel generators. Our solution provides clean, reliable, renewable energy without the ongoing cost of fossil fuels, negative environmental impact or noise pollution. Our solar trailer generators produce no noise, no waste, and are virtually maintenance free.

Mobile Solar Power Plant
Power, Flexibility, and design

Solution applications include the following

Continuous off-grid solar power generator

Depending on the power needs of the customer, solar trailer generators can continuously supply energy in remote locations where commercial power is not available. Our off-grid solutions are the ideal solution to where permanent power has not been established.

Modular by design

Expand your solar panel count by adding multiple solar trailers inline to increase solar production and energy storage.

Hybrid off-grid solar and diesel generator combination

With a modular design you can add one of our diesel generators to our solar trailer system as a back up power solution or to run higher loads like cellular towers with multiple frequency bands.


123eSolar Mobile Solar Trailer Generator Products

123eSolar generators on towable trailers that are for sale or for rent. Let us custom design a solution that best fits your needs.

What we offer

Our Professional Services

Let our professional deployment team service your project needs. We offer pickup and delivery along with installation.

  • Custom manufacture a custom solution to fit your needs
  • IoT Power Monitoring
  • Video Site Management
  • Wi-Fi Solar Trailer Hubs
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IOT Power Management

Remotely monitor energy creation and usage over a 5G network with IoT (Internet of Things).

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Security Monitoring

Full or part time video security monitoring. Onsite or Cloud recording options.

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Site Management

Video streaming for project site management. Access who is on site and who is not.

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Transportation & Deployment

Deliver, pick up, install and system operation training.

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